Ensuring the safety of your residents is critical

The potential dangers of wandering resident elopements are many and can have permanent, catastrophic effects.

High risk residents or patients, like those in dementia or memory care units, wander for a variety of reasons. Sometimes due to confusion, sometimes looking for something or someone, or sometimes because they are just plain lost. Wandering residents can find themselves in unsafe areas of a facility or eloping from the building entirely unnoticed.

Installing a wandering resident security system can’t prevent every potential wandering scenario. But it should absolutely be a key component of any wander prevention program. The Door GUARDIAN® wander management system allows facilities and hospitals to:

• Monitor wandering residents or high-risk patients, while maintaining their dignity to move freely about a facility
• Secure or lock and alarm specific doors if a resident attempts to leave
• Track the exact location of a wander prone patient or resident, and create rules to automatically trigger alert or alarm notifications to staff
• Take immediate action to protect residents or patients in your care based on notifications receive via the mvision® mobile app

Whether you are looking to protect wandering residents through access control or need a more dynamic system to permit normal traffic flow, our wander management experts can help design a system to fit your facility’s needs and budget.

ProCare Medical is a complete provider of safety solutions for healthcare, focusing on reliable and dependable systems for healthcare operators to reduce costs of care. With a comprehensive approach, ProCare Medical will consult, assess, design, furnish and provide installation of electronic security solutions for your next project. Let our 20 years of experience, preferred vendor partners, and value-based support solutions create an environment of “safety in caregiving” for your peace of mind.

Save Money and Don’t Let your Reputation Out the Door

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There are 100+ facilities and organizations being protected by these solutions near you, contact us today to learn about new models or upgrades that may be available for your systems.

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Thank you for the ceiling lift, it worked beautifully last night. It made the transfer to my shower chair so much easier, and my wife thanks you as this takes a lot of strain off her back.

-- Veteran

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