What is a Broda Chair?

Broda Chairs are a “Best in Class” solution for your preventions and independent mobility programs, or the tough challenges in positioning and comfort for an individual who is sitting all day.

All of our Broda chairs use our patented Comfort Tension Seating® system, which reduces the heat and moisture build-up that leads to skin breakdown.

The key is in the strapping – each strap in the system conforms individually to the body, suspending the weight of the patient across multiple points, providing a comfortable, functional chair. This strapping system contours to the patient sitting in the chair, reducing pressure and creating long-term sitting support without bottoming out. Its memory retention also enables straps to return to their original shape within seconds.

Our chairs are known for incredible durability and stability, in short – Broda chairs are built to last. This allows you to save money in the following ways:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Longer replacement cycles
  • Less caregiver time required
  • Less caregiver injuries
  • Reduction of patient injuries
  • Less cleaning time

Broda chairs have helped both patients and caregivers with a variety of needs in various settings. Visit the specific PEDAL Chair, ROCKER chair, or POSITIONING chair sections below to learn more about how Broda chairs will be able to fulfill your seating needs.

Download the complete Broda Chair Brochure here (Download)

ProCare Medical stands by their product and deliver fabulous customer service. You are always one phone call away from getting the immediate help you need. After a 5 year relationship, ProCare Medical is a part of our team at Good Shepherd Home. Thank you.

-- Joseph Shadid, Administrator

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