ErgoSheets 2200 (Bed Repositioning)

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A Caregiver’s Sliding Aid

Pair of slide sheets assists in repositioning (56″ L x 32″ W)

Half the cost of other sheet sets with double the quality and durability!

  • Easily reposition a patient in bed
  • Effortlessly turn a resident in bed
  • Ergonomically inclined handles to assist in “No Lift” maneuvers

When needing to reposition a patient or resident in their bed, it is important to reduce the risk of injury to caregivers. Designed to easily assist in the repositioning process, the Bed Slide Sheet from ErgoSafe Products are created from a strong nylon material that is treated with silicone properties in order to encourage friction free movements. Using ergonomically inclined equipment, caregivers can safely and quickly attend to the needs of their patients while reducing risk of back or rotator cuff injury.

The ErgoSafe Bed Slide Sheet is not meant to remain under the patient, as the friction free surface could cause unwanted repositioning. Because it is made from a strong nylon material and hemmed on the edges to prevent fraying, this positioning device is ideal for use with immobile residents for easy, injury free patient assistance.


ErgoSafe recommends that caregivers practice with the Bariatric Slide Tube prior to actual patient care, as working with each other will allow you to appreciate the feeling from the patient’s perspective. It is imperative to provide proper patient care and to limit risk of injury to caregivers through the use of ergonomic manual handling aids such as the Slide Sheet. Learning to turn, sliding patients up and down in bed, or simply repositioning the patient can be accomplished safely and easily by implementing the standard use of an ErgoSafe™ Bariatric Slide Tube in your healthcare facility today.

ErgoSafe Products works closely with nursing homes and other care giving institutions to provide patient handling devices to assist caregivers with their daily tasks of moving and repositioning patients. Call Prism Medical today and begin employing safer conditions for your employees and patients.



2200 Ergosheets Product Brochure [Download]

Thank you for the ceiling lift, it worked beautifully last night. It made the transfer to my shower chair so much easier, and my wife thanks you as this takes a lot of strain off her back.

-- Veteran

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