Elexo XXL Shower Chair

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More and more care facilities are turning to showering for resident’s personal hygiene. The Elexo XXL is an affordable bariatric shower chair providing resident care in a responsible manner. Provides optimum comfort for the caregiver as well as the resident and can be used as both a shower chair or wheeled over the toilet. The many options and affordability make the Elexo XXL shower chair is a nice-looking and user-friendly option.

The Elexo XXL shower chair provides the bariatric resident maximum safety and comfort and a single caregiver can take care of dressing and undressing, showering, toileting, foot care, and hair washing in a ergonomically sound working condition.


Here are two caregivers experiences with this model.

“I believe the Lopital Elexo XXL was a great investment for many reasons. I use this piece of equipment often and am familiar with it. The patients enjoys it techniques as far as leaning back and the mobility part of it, as well as the staff. It creates a safe and comfortable environment for the patients. It allows staff to clean more thoroughly during the duration of the shower. It is designed to allow staff to undress and dress a patient without ever lifting them. I believe this chair has decreased the risk of the patient being uncomfortable, uneasy and awkward. I absolutely love this piece of equipment for my patients. I would recommend this piece of equipment, 10/10.”    VA Medical Center, Big Spring, TX

We had numerous veterans that were struggling with safe showering on our wide PVC chairs. The Elexo XXL has been a great solution for us for several years, and I am glad nursing ordered these. I don’t know if it was safe patient handling money, or just our regular budget but these are backsavers.” VA Medical Center, Lebanon PA



  • Simple electric high/low adjustment
  • Manual operation with battery indicator
  • Tilt adjustment to a maximum of 17 degree
  • Four plastic castors fitted with brakes
  • Extremely stable due to the fitting of 2 lifting motors
  • Rail for bedpan
  • With sleep mode setting after 60 minutes
  • Simple to recharge with charger included
  • Extended armrests can fold up or down
  • 2 part seat with toilet opening.
  • Ergonomic calf support.
  • Foldable and removable footplates


  • Height and depth adjustable headrest.

Technical specifications

  • Max. load:220 kilo 484 LB
  • Own weight:75 kilo 165 LB
  • Wedge setting:17 degree
  • Adjustable seat height: 52-113 cm 20-45 inch
  • Seat width:68 cm 27 inch
  • Seat depth:55 cm 22 inch
  • Battery capacity:2x 12V, 7.2Ah
  • Charger:220V 50/60Hz 500mA
  • Electrical power:24V
  • Max. current:10A
  • Max. power:240 Watt
  • Security:
  • -on/of switch
  • emergency stop
  • emergency lowering



Elexo XXL [Download]
Elexo XXL Quick Reference Chart [Download]