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The Camel is a moving and handling product that will both sit up and lift a fallen person from any location, such as the comfort of your own home, and outdoor environments as well.

This inflatable lift chair features an inbuilt backrest and internal ring construction, which allows the Camel to provide a fully supportive lift that can be carried out entirely independently by the fallen individual or with the assistance of a caregiver. The Camel’s simple to use hand control and compressor securely inflates section by section to safely bring the individual up into a position from which to stand.

Accidents happen and when one occurs, the Camel will minimize the risk associated with lifting and moving an individual after a fall, avoiding further harming the individual, including those trying to help. Provide a safe and dignified solution to assist your residents and patients or to further enhance the confidence of the independent living of a loved one with the Camel.


  • Suitable for large or bariatric individuals
  • Lightweight and comes with a portable carry bag
  • Can be used by caregiver or independently
  • Battery operated for use anywhere – indoors and outside
  • Can be used in areas where an ordinary lift won’t fit
  • Minimizes the risk in lifting and moving fallen individuals
  • Enhances independent living
  • Appropriate for any age
Model SpecificationCamel
Lifts up to:700 lbs.
Inflated seat height:56 cm
Inflated width:70 cm
Inflated backrest width:62 cm
Inflated seat depth:47 cm
Inflated backrest height:81 cm
Overall inflated length:112 cm
Deflated rolled dimensions:76 cm length x 20 cm diameter
Weight:6.5 kg


Camel Brochure ( (Download)

Thank you for the ceiling lift, it worked beautifully last night. It made the transfer to my shower chair so much easier, and my wife thanks you as this takes a lot of strain off her back.

-- Veteran

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