What is height-adjustable showering in the healthcare setting?

What is height-adjustable showering in the healthcare setting?

Height-adjustable showering has been around the SNF/Long Term Care space for over a decade without significant acceptance. The reasons include: a well-trained staff, cost of parts and, most importantly, the initial investment. However, there have been changes in the past 10 years that could affect this.

First, the desire/need for immersion bathing has declined. Over 10 years ago facilities would have a capable bathing system in each central hygiene area. These systems would cost between $8000 and $20,000+ per. This makes for a significant investment. What you see more of today, particularly in the more urban areas, is a bathing system installed to meet the regulation of a facility which can accommodate immersion bathing. Add to this, these bathing systems are not as feature rich as they were 10 years ago and as such, less of an investment.

Second, the age individual they are caring for now grew up taking showers. 15-25 years ago, this person grew up taking baths. Third, showers, from a time/labor standpoint are simply more efficient than bathing. And lastly, the Requirements of Participation have created a focus on improving all types of care in the home, and the QAPI area is of particular importance in improving Quality of Life and Quality of Care outcomes.

height-adjustable showering

So, what is height-adjustable showering?

At its core, it is bringing the work to the caregiver’s comfortable working height, i.e., it’s an important part of your Safe Patient Handling program. It should not be confused with current shower chairs/benches that claim to be height-adjustable, but do it with a click-link system, instead of a battery-powered system or hydraulic foot pedal system providing on-demand height-adjustment. Besides providing a safer work environment shown to reduce injuries, height-adjustable showering allows for better cleaning, especially in the perineal area. If facilities can clean better, they are by default providing better care. Lastly, by bringing the cared for to the level of the caregiver, the caregiver is no longer towering or hovering over the cared for during the showering procedure. Thus, creating a less stressful environment for the cared for.

There are many companies offering these types of products. They include: ProCare Medical, Lopital, Arjo, Rebotec, others.

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