NEW Strategic Acquisition Center contract with the Veterans Administration

NEW Strategic Acquisition Center contract with the Veterans Administration

I’m happy to announce ProCare Medical, in conjunction with Veterans Healthcare Supply Solutions (contract holder), has secured a new contract with the Strategic Acquisition Center for our Lopital Elexo XXL shower chair. This chair includes several benefits to the Veterans at our Veterans Administration’s including:

  • 485 lbs. of capacity which is significantly higher than the similar chairs they use now
  • Battery powered, height-adjustability
  • 17-degree tilt for comfort
  • Head rest option for comfort
  • Bedpan accessory and the ability to position over a toilet
  • 5-inch castors for easy transport
  • Multiple leg rest options for a diversified population
  • Safety belt option

In addition to a great product available now to care for our Veterans, the Strategic Acquisition Center contract, through their bidding process, also extends additional benefits to the Veterans Administration facilities for ease of acquisition:

  • Full vetting of the Elexo XXL
  • Establishment of need in the Veterans Administration facilities
  • Best pricing available to the marketplace
  • Elimination of need to use bidding process

To see the Lopital Elexo XXL in use, please click here.

NX Equipment- Elexo XXL

ProCare Medical Company and Veterans Healthcare Supply Solutions, Inc, are committed to delivering quality, value and service to the Veterans Administration through our participation in the VA’s Strategic Acquisition Center contact vehicle for NX Equipment.

SAC Contract Effective Date: 6/10/2019
Contract 36C10G19D0053

The Strategic Acquisition Center (SAC) is one of three centralized contracting agencies within the VA contracting community and is charged with a mission to “create superior procurement solutions that deliver on our [VA] promise to Veterans.” Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia and Frederick, Maryland, SAC provides enterprise-wide solutions, dedicated acquisition support, program management expertise and non-IT life cycle management of for VA’s highly complex requirements through the delivery of strategically sound contracts.

Call ProCare Medical at 855-528-0421 for more information.

Thank you,

Len Sears
Director of Sales, Lopital
Toll Free: 855-528-0421
Direct: 615-457-0727


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