Showering for all settings including VA Medical Centers

The VA Medical Centers continue to order and implement the Elexo XXL powered hi-lo shower commode chair into their SPH and Nursing programs for best practice, and we are honored to be serving veterans that have given of themselves.

Here are two caregivers statements.

“I believe the Lopital Elexo XXL was a great investment for many reasons. I use this piece of equipment often and am familiar with it. The patients enjoys it techniques as far as leaning back and the mobility part of it, as well as the staff. It creates a safe and comfortable environment for the patients. It allows staff to clean more thoroughly during the duration of the shower. It is designed to allow staff to undress and dress a patient without ever lifting them. I believe this chair has decreased the risk of the patient being uncomfortable, uneasy and awkward. I absolutely love this piece of equipment for my patients. I would recommend this piece of equipment, 10/10.”    VA Medical Center, Big Spring, TX

We had numerous veterans that were struggling with safe showering on our wide PVC chairs. The Elexo XXL has been a great solution for us for several years, and I am glad nursing ordered these. I don’t know if it was safe patient handling money, or just our regular budget but these are backsavers.” VA Medical Center, Lebanon PA
The Elexo XXL is a contracted item to the VA Medical Centers and is available for any healthcare organization. Stocked in PA and available to ship in 24 hours, this bariatric model is part of a complete family of ergonomic chairs and trolleys that are transforming showering, and protecting the caregiver.
Additional information  available here or  Special Acquisition Contract 36C10G19D0053.