transforming the shower experience

protecting the caregiver.

Lopital is a global manufacturer of shower and hygiene equipment with over 30 years of experience in medical equipment and showering devices. With a focus on flexible solutions for showering and hygiene, Lopital is based in the Netherlands and offers a wide and complete product range, improving the lives of both the caregiver and resident.

Design and Development

The sleek and innovative design of the shower products provides both quality and functional use for years of trouble free service. With the integration of newer materials, including aluminum, many of the products are light weight and the effort required to push and maneuver is drastically reduced.

Solutions for All

With the introduction of the first height adjustable chair in 1995, the product range has grown to be one of the widest on the market for any shower or hygiene situation. From completely passive residents with high acuity needs, to the simple chair with the user participating, our products can be found in any healthcare or home setting. This now includes bariatric capacities for chairs, as well as supine showering products with innovative foldup features.

Comfort and Safety

The costs of injuries in the workplace continue to increase. With proper ergonomics and improved working conditions, the height adjustable showering products allow for significant healthcare cost savings, as well as improved dignity and comfort for the resident.

Long Term Care facilities use height-adjustable equipment already

It’s time for Shower Chairs


The benefits of Lopital height-adjustable over conventional PVC showering include:
• Ease of use during the showering process
• Easier to clean and peri-care is profoundly improved
• Durability of metal construction
• Resident safety
• Caregiver safety

How these solutions can help your organization.

Lopital’s design assists caregivers and facilities as they address the Requirements of Participation.


Guidelines include:
• Quality of Life: depth of Lopital product line allows ‘accommodation of needs’
• Quality of Care: toileting function helps minimize incontinence
• Person Centered Care: Lopital addresses all levels of care
• QAPI: Lopital will improve outcomes in the hygiene area and Infection Prevention
• Residents Rights: have access to quality hygiene care regardless of condition/acuity
• Infection Prevention: Lopital products make disinfection much easier
• Training Requirements: intuitive design of Lopital products insures heavy use
• Physical environment: conducive to ADL’s and mobility


Expansion of Safe Patient Handling to hygiene area
• Improved ergonomics
• Easy to use
• Safer for resident
• Reduced injuries to staff


Lopital is the showering solution needed to address this higher accountability of care.