Comfort Adjust Footrest

Loptial’s Comfort Adjust Feature

Available on most Lopital shower chairs is the Comfort Adjust Footrest feature. Lopital designed this feature to aid in the showering of individuals with acute, lower extremity conditions. Features of the Comfort Adjust Footrest include:

  • Adjustable length for a diverse population
  • Each leg rest operates independently of the other for multiple positions
  • Padded surface for comfort of calves
  • Easy on/off installation of the accessory

The adjustable length allows comfort and support for individuals with varying leg length. This is important for situations where complete support of the leg is required. The padded surface is also an aid to these means as the calf area can sometimes be quite tender.

Because there are several occurrences where the clinical issue is with one extremity, the independent functionality of the feature is valuable. A great example would be a recent total knee operation. In addition, you do not have to use both at the same time. If only one extremity requires the extra attention of the Comfort Adjust Footrest, the standard footrest can be used on the other extremity.

The Comfort Adjust Footrest allows caregivers to provide specific, focused care when needed, and the flexibility needed in caring for a diverse population. Please watch the video link to see the Lopital Comfort Adjust Footrest in action.

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