transforming the shower experience

protecting the caregiver.

Lopital is a global manufacturer of shower and hygiene equipment with over 30 years of experience in medical equipment and showering devices. With a focus on flexible solutions for showering and hygiene, Lopital is based in the Netherlands and offers a wide and complete product range, improving the lives of both the caregiver and resident.

Lopital shower chairs provide support and ensure a higher level of safety when taking a shower. These products provide greater independence to help the individual to care for themselves either independently or with assistance. Lopital products integrate effectively into safe patient handling programs.

The Lopital product line offers fixed and mobile shower and toilet chairs. Whether a shower or toilet chair is used, we believe it is important that the users experience security and comfort. Taking care of people using traditional shower and toilet chairs is very cumbersome. The caregivers will be forced to stand in an unnatural position and have to cope with static back strain.

Lopital provides a solution to this problem with the height-adjustable shower and toilet chairs. With this feature, we also make an important contribution to occupational health and safety policy within the healthcare sector through improved ergonomics.

Select a showering solution that fits your needs.

Can carry full body weight,
but does not stand up independently.

Can carry full body weight,
but does not maintain equilibrium.

Cannot carry full body weight.
Needs help to maintain balance.

Cannot carry full body weight.
Does not have body balance.