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ProCare Medical offers a variety of products that can prevent falls and increase the safety in a bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in your home that has become difficult to navigate. From rubber threshold ramps to simple grab bars, we can assist in determining what products will work best for your specific needs.

A simple grab bar or super pole may be the solution for you to be able to remain independent in your home. Download our Home Safety Review below to better determine the areas of your home that may pose a risk of slipping or falling.

  • Threshold Ramps


    For entering the home or navigating interior thresholds, choose a threshold ramp. Rubber or aluminum threshold ramps provide a safe, durable means of navigating uneven household surfaces like small steps and doorway thresholds. Their modular design makes rubber threshold ramps a practical and affordable home accessibility solution.

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    Threshold Ramps

  • Fixed Ceiling Lifts


    Ceiling lifts are an ergonomically ideal alternative that eliminate the need for manual lifting and allow the caregiver to always choose the optimal working stance. The lift system is always in place, requires a minimum of floor space, is very easy to maneuver, provides a large lifting area, and enables both low and very high lifting.

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    Fixed Ceiling Lifts

  • Grab Bars & Poles


    Balance is a key challenge for the disabled as well as the elderly. Grab bars are the easiest way to provide the necessary support for the independence we all want. Lifeway has a wide selection of grab bars that can be mounted on the wall or floor in your bathroom or shower, or anywhere else in your home.

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    Grab Bars & Poles

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I am so very pleased with the expert and professional installation of the track system in our living room, bathroom, and our son’s bedroom! Procare did an excellent job in selecting this system and fitting the proper sling for our son to make our care for our son so much easier each and every day. Thank you so much Mark Reimer and ProCare Medical!

-- Roxie and Gary Adams

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