Reminders regarding the CORONAVIRUS

Reminders regarding the CORONAVIRUS

As the coronavirus continues to disrupt life as we all know it, our vision at ProCare Medical has always been to improve the lives of caregivers and patients. The “safety in caregiving” focus is often linked to back injuries prevention and ergonomics, but we have been reminded there are small parts of what ProCare Medical offers that can help combat the COVID 19.

Disposable Slings

All lift and transfer programs utilize slings or fabric items that integrate the transfer equipment with the patient and resident. Most sling types are available in a disposable or single patient use material, eliminating the need to move or share the sling between patients. Many long term care facilities have dedicated full body slings per resident, but the sit to stand slings may be currently shared and single patient use would reduce transmission risk to patients and residents.


Disinfecting Systems


The shower and bathing activities in long term care can be strenuous and demanding for the caregiver, and a highlight of the day for a resident. While all commercial bathing spas incorporate a disinfect cleaning system to be utilized after a bath to reduce cross contamination, disinfecting systems are available to properly clean shower chairs, benches, bathroom aids.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Equipment

The use of clinical equipment is often second nature now in healthcare facilities. The process of caring for patients includes transferring, seating, showering and other activities. This can occur with a single patient or multiple patients in a shift, a caregiver or multiple caregivers, and equipment in various environments. We have gathered the cleaning and disinfecting protocols for the equipment manufacturers, and those resources can be found here.


Ceiling Lifts


If your facility has ceiling mounted or overhead lifts, they are a great tool for safely transferring individuals. As a product designed for single caregiving by the manufacturer, this allows less contact by staff in a patient room, reducing the spread of infection and allowing other caregivers to provide critical tasks.

Slide Sheets

For the boosting and turning of patients in bed, a slide sheet with handles is a great friction reducing device for these high risk tasks. These solutions allow for non-contact boosting, depending how the slide sheet is applied under the patient. Learn more by contacting your representative or reviewing your product training materials.


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ProCare Medical stands by their product and deliver fabulous customer service. You are always one phone call away from getting the immediate help you need. After a 5 year relationship, ProCare Medical is a part of our team at Good Shepherd Home. Thank you.

-- Joseph Shadid, Administrator

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