As a provider of equipment and services to healthcare facilities, ProCare Medical continues to monitor the evolving circumstances pertaining to COVID-19. For several weeks, we have been closely following updates from the CDC, specific interim guidelines for nursing homes, and our local health officials. Your health and safety are a top priority to us. Below is a list of resources, including the complete memo and letter for our operations.

General Resource Links:

1. ProCare Medical’s COVID-19 Response to our customers
3. Good ABC Article with world tracking
4. CMS guidelines nursing homes_March13

Information for Secure Care Customers:

For our Pennsylvania customers, we are offering a promotional service for customers starting in May for your programming or service needs:

  • With a scheduled inspection and certified test visit between July 1 and December 31, Service calls thru the summer are NOW $99.00 flat fee, for up to 1 hour onsite time. This also includes any travel or trip charge.
  • This service can be for any Secure Care or access control product that we support, including programming, replacement of parts, lock work, and more.
  • Replacement parts will be billed at nominal prices.
  • The inspection program costs range from $48-70 per door or controlled area, contact us for additional details.
  • Contact our office for additional details.


Specialized Disinfecting with Electrostatic Spray Systems:

Now offering equipment, liquids or spray service for certain markets for infection prevention and control. This innovative technology will cover optimal surface areas, not just a traditional spray. The bi-polar charged process will allow the nano molecules that are positive charged to attract and stick to all hard and varied surfaces.

Click below for an introduction video, or the second video for black light concept to illuminate the concept. As always,  feel free to contact your account manager or our office for additional details.




We would like to thank you for your CAMEL Lift presentations to our Nursing and Security teams. Our teams greatly appreciate the opportunity to have hands-on CAMEL Lift learning. We have received positive feedback from our team members. Thanks for educating us, you made the use of the CAMEL Lift easier than shown in the video. Our staff will be now less hesitant to use the CAMEL lift.

-- Robert Kiesel, Willow Valley Retirement

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