Whole-Home Bariatric Equipment for Mobility & Independence

Whole-Home Bariatric Equipment for Mobility & Independence

Are you searching for the right bariatric equipment for your home? It’s a big decision. You want equipment that does its job well but also makes you or your loved ones feel comfortable in a safe environment.

Read on and learn how the right bariatric equipment can make everyday life better and give you more freedom. You’ll see how ProCare Medical’s bariatric equipment combines smart technology, great design, and practical use.

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A Guide to Bariatric Beds & Transfer Equipment for Home Use

Choosing the right bariatric bed and transfer equipment for home use is a critical decision that impacts daily life. Let’s explore some exceptional bariatric home products from ProCare Medical, each designed to meet a unique set of requirements that your patient or loved one may have.

AllCare Bed® bariatric bed allcare model that can be lowered almost to ground level

The AllCare Bed® exemplifies our innovative approach to bariatric equipment design. It’s the first expandable width bed that lowers to floor level (3.6″ low height) to significantly reduce the risk of falls. This bed, with its 600 lbs. capacity, is a comprehensive solution for custodial care or short-term rehab. It has a 42” width and a range of positioning options for enhanced comfort. This bariatric bed has an industry-leading warranty and offers unparalleled safety and ease for caregivers.

Vander-Track II C1000 bariatric equipment vandertrack II model shown with white background

Part of our range of bariatric equipment, the Vander-Track II C1000 sets a new standard for transferring patients. This fixed motor ceiling lift system balances world-class style with functionality and affordability. It can lift up to 1000 lbs. and is designed to operate quietly. This ensures a smooth, effortless transfer. The attention to detail in its design – from the digital diagnostics display to the emergency lowering features – shows a deep understanding of the real-world challenges in patient care.

Four Point Hanger Assembly bariatric equipment 4point hanger on white background

Integral to full body lifts, the Four Point Hanger Assembly is about security and comfort, especially when used with bariatric beds and chairs. Its design includes safety latches to ensure sling straps remain secure. The self-adjusting feature to accommodate the patient’s shoulder width demonstrates a thoughtful approach to patient comfort.

Vera II bariatric shower chair vera II with health care professional on white background

The Vera II is a battery-powered sit-to-stand lift, available in three weight capacities: 350, 450, and 600 lbs. It’s designed to facilitate safe and effortless transfers of patients. It has a heavy-duty, tip-resistant frame, adjustable bases for easy access to various chairs, and high-quality casters for smooth maneuverability. It offers dual lifting functionality for both weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing patients. It’s also compliant with federal and state regulations, including OSHA, and provides optional features like a wall-mounted battery charging station.Top of Form

Vanderlift Floor Lift bariatric equipment vanderlift floor lift shown with health care professional on white background

Complying with federal and state regulations, the Vanderlift Floor Lift is a versatile, reliable option for patient transfer. Offering different weight capacities, it caters to a wide range of needs, ensuring safety and ease of use. The wide selection of slings and belts underscores our commitment to providing diverse options to address a variety of requirements.

Discover the full spectrum of ProCare’s lift and transfer equipment that redefines homecare standards.


Bariatric Shower Chair & Accessories for Bathing Comfort

Creating a safe, comfortable bathing environment at home, especially for bariatric care, demands thoughtful consideration. ProCare Medical offers a range of bariatric shower chairs and accessories that blend practical functionality with user comfort. Let’s explore these innovative solutions to facilitate the daily bathing experience.

Tango XL Shower Chair bariatric shower chair tango xl on white background

The Tango XL Shower Chair is an “intermediate” chair that fills the gap between standard and extra-large models. Its wide wheelbase ensures stability, while the large diameter swivel castors with brakes enhance maneuverability. This bariatric shower chair has pivot-away padded armrests, swing-away and detachable footrests, and comfortably padded split seats. Whether used as a shower chair or over the toilet, it’s an ideal choice for both users and caregivers seeking a reliable bathing solution.

Tango XXL Shower Chair bariatric shower chair tango xxl on white background

When it comes to accommodating larger capacities, the Tango XXL Shower Chair is a robust bariatric equipment option. Supporting up to 793 lbs., it’s a robust choice for bariatric shower chair options, combining safety and comfort in a user-friendly design. Its dimensions ensure ample space, while the large castor diameter aids in easy movement. It’s the optimal choice when the Tango XL’s capacity and size are insufficient for the user’s needs.

Elexo XXL Shower Chair bariatric shower chair elexo xxl on white background

The Elexo XXL supports a weight of up to 484 lbs. It offers a secure and comfortable bathing experience. The chair’s ergonomic features facilitate safe and dignified care. Its design reduces physical strain for caregivers and enhances comfort for residents.

Marina Deluxe Shower Stretcher bariatric stretcher marina deluxe shower stretcher

The Marina Deluxe Shower Stretcher is a standout choice, especially for those requiring a bariatric stretcher. It provides a soothing, safe bathing experience. With its height-adjustable supporting surface and soft mattress, this bariatric stretcher offers a level of comfort that transforms routine care into a more enjoyable experience.

ProCare Medical sets a high standard with its bariatric shower chairs and accessories. Dive deeper into ProCare’s world of bathing and hygiene solutions that redefine the essence of caregiving.


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At ProCare Medical, we understand that the right bariatric equipment is a pathway to enhanced dignity, independence, and quality of life. Our commitment to providing top-tier bariatric solutions sets us apart. This, combined with our expert support and advice, makes us the go-to partner for your homecare needs.

Choosing ProCare Medical means opting for a partner who understands your needs and is dedicated to meeting them. Let us help you transform your home into a haven of safety and comfort. Contact us today to explore our range of bariatric equipment and discover how our bariatric beds and bariatric shower chairs can enhance your homecare experience.

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