Hospital Beds for Home Use: Exploring Features and Options

Hospital Beds for Home Use: Exploring Features and Options

Have you ever wondered how the right hospital bed can transform care at home? Choosing the right at home hospital bed for a loved one is a step towards enhanced comfort and dignity. With ProCare Medical’s range of innovative medical beds at home we’re redefining at-home patient care.

Our hospital beds for home use are designed with a blend of advanced features, each thoughtfully crafted to meet the diverse needs of the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Get ready to discover the options, features, and benefits that make these at home hospital beds indispensable in modern homecare settings.

If you’re ready to transform the caregiving experience for your loved one, keep reading, or reach out to ProCare Medical now for expert guidance and solutions!

A Buyer’s Guide to Electric Hospital Beds for Elderly at Home

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Navigating the world of hospital beds for the elderly at home and for people with disabilities can be daunting. It’s vital to understand the key features that make these hospital beds for home use a cornerstone of care and comfort. Here’s a closer look at some of the essential features of hospital beds for the elderly at home:

  • Falls Risk Management: Our hospital beds for home use are designed with the lowest possible bed height and optional floor mats. This design significantly reduces the risk of falls—a common concern in homecare settings. Coupled with an advanced notification system, these hospital beds for the elderly at home ensure the highest level of safety for high-risk residents.
  • Simplified Transfers: Ease of transfer is critical in homecare. Our hospital beds for home use facilitate simple, safe, and efficient patient transfers, minimizing physical strain on caregivers and discomfort for patients.
  • Adjustable and Expandable: Comfort is key, and our hospital beds for the elderly at home deliver just that. With no-tool expandable width options, these hospital beds for home use adapt to the changing needs of your loved one, ensuring comfort at every stage.
  • Ergonomic Bed Rails and Headboards: Safety and comfort go hand-in-hand with our bed rails and headboards, providing support and a sense of security for patients.
  • Wall Protection and Aesthetics: The inclusion of soft, non-marking wall bumpers only protects your home and adds an aesthetic touch to the hospital bed for the elderly at home.
  • Under-Bed Clearance: Ideal for use with lifts and other transfer assisting devices, our hospital beds for the elderly at home offer ample under-bed clearance, ensuring compatibility with a range of homecare equipment.
  • Easy Assembly and User-Friendly Controls: Our hospital beds for home use boast easy assembly and intuitive controls, making operation hassle-free for both patients and caregivers.

To explore our extensive selection and find the perfect fit for your homecare needs, visit ProCare Medical Beds and Mattresses.

Connect with ProCare Medical for guidance in making an informed choice that ensures long-term well-being and care.

Medical Bed at Home Selection Tailored to Your Needs

When choosing a hospital bed for home use, it’s important to consider the specific needs of the user. ProCare Medical offers a variety of hospital beds for home use. Let’s explore some of the medical bed at home options available:

AllCare Bed® hospital beds for home use allcare bed on a white background

This hospital bed for the elderly at home is a revolutionary solution that lowers to floor level (3.6″ low height) to reduce fall risk. The AllCare Bed caters to bariatric dignity with a 42″ width and 600lb capacity. The advanced features of this medical bed at home, like cardiac chair positioning and optional scale, make it suitable for short-term rehab.

ActiveCare Bed hospital bed for elderly at home activecare bed rotated as a chair

This versatile bed, ideal for both home and care facility use, offers ease and comfort with its OneButtonSafeTurn feature, allowing a smooth transition from reclining to seated positions. It supports up to 600 lbs and customizable heights and sleeping surfaces are available.

Retract F Model


medical bed at home retract f on a white background

The Retract F offers safety and space efficiency in care settings. It features a retracting frame for fall prevention and space-saving. Key features include Clinical-Contour® to lessen skin shear, Comfort Wide™ for enhanced comfort, and Evac Position™ for narrow space navigation. The bed includes a staff lockout control, backlit pendant, wall bumpers, SureLock system, and supports up to 500 lbs.

EX8000 Model at home hospital beds ex8000 on a white background

Notable for its Comfort Wide™ feature, this hospital bed for the elderly at home can expand up to 48 inches. The EX8000 Model includes wall bumpers, steel pivots, and an under-bed clearance suitable for lifts and assisting devices.

Retract V Model hospital bed for home use retract V bed on a white background

This bed’s retractable design aids safety and convenience, moving closer to walls for easy bedside access and reducing falls. It features Clinical-Contour® and expands to 42″ for comfort, supporting 500 lbs. Key elements include easy transport, soft wall bumpers, simple controls, and various mattress options for optimal comfort.

Each of these hospital beds for home use is compatible with a variety of mattresses. Contact us for expert advice!

Where to Buy At Home Hospital Beds?

With our wide range of at home hospital beds, we’re dedicated to transforming your home care experience. At ProCare Medical, we provide medical beds at home that cater to the unique needs of each individual. Our expertise lies in understanding the challenges faced by those requiring at-home care and offering products that make daily life safer and more comfortable.

Why delay improving care quality with an at-home hospital bed? Reach out to ProCare Medical today and let our team guide you through our product range. We’re here to help you select a hospital bed for the elderly at home that not only meets the medical needs of your loved one but also fits seamlessly into your home environment.

Contact us now for a consultation or to explore our range of products online. Let us assist you in making an informed decision that will enrich the lives of those you care for.

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