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ProCare Medical is a leading provider of lift, transfer, and bathing equipment in the mid-Atlantic region. With products and services to protect both the caregiver and the one being cared for, these solutions provide both reduced costs for caregiving and increased safety and dignity for the elderly or disabled. Our products are utilized in acute care, long term care, specialty schools, group homes, and residential settings. The term “safe patient handling” has been utilized for many years to encompass how care organizations move and handle people. While costs of care continue to be variable, there also continue to be new products and program elements to remediate direct and indirect costs associated with musculoskeletal injuries- ProCare Medical strives to deliver innovative answers to be part of this solution.

There is financial incentive and return on investment data that supports the implementation and continuous monitoring of Safe Patient Handling Program. From the direct and indirect costs associated with worker compensation claims, to the improved resident and patient outcomes, these back-saving products have moved from a “nice to have” to “Must Have”. Some people ask us about our tag line “healthcare solutions squared” in our logo. Products alone will not solve challenges – the dual aspect is that people are involved. Product Demonstrations, assessments, and clinical training all with a consultative approach of knowledge transfer is what our staff does all day and every day. As the human touch to promote the value and long term success from the equipment, we are not satisfied until the caregiver and resident are trained and comfortable. The integration of safety programs includes the other people aspect – there are both caregiver and patients who will benefit. ProCare Medical has relationships with manufactures who produce innovative and great products. We are proud to represent them, and this pairing of manufacturers with our local company presence for demonstration, installation and support after the sale is another example of the dual aspect of our business.

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We also provide hygiene equipment, which continues to integrate into a safe resident handling program and fall prevention. From height adjustable shower chairs for best ergonomics to bathing systems with proper transfer systems, these products allow for relaxing and less-stressful bathing process. Standard items now include home-like appearance, heated spa features, and full featured yet simple designs for easy use by resident or caregiver. There are also better infection control results and reduced UTI’s that assist in making the best hygiene product selection.

Our team has over 75 combined years of experience for offering assessments, knowledge sharing, and proper solutions for your needs. We look forward to helping you in whatever setting you are in.

Providing solutions for caregiving challenges,

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Thanks again for our great lift and transfer training today. Our staff expressed learning a great deal and feeling confident with their skills for our SPH program

The following staff members attended the mechanical lift training for the certificates


-- Lori, St. Anne’s Retirement

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